Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We’re here to answer them!

Will you come to my house?2020-03-31T14:56:07+02:00

We are happy to come out but will send a estimated quote to give clients a guideline of price and fabric quantities before we do.

Do we restore furniture?2020-03-30T15:29:39+02:00

Yes, we can restore the upholstery, we can also paint or spray the wooden frame and feet. We can also fix broken furniture frames.

Do you have examples?2020-03-30T15:29:14+02:00

We post some of our work on our Facebook page. You are welcome to visit the page or view our work on this website.

Do you modify furniture?2020-03-30T15:28:54+02:00

We can do many different custom-made things for you, modify old furniture or even make something new according to your needs.

How long does it take?2020-03-30T15:28:27+02:00

Our goal is to deliver all of our upholstery jobs within 21 working days.

Can I bring my own fabric and foam?2020-03-30T15:28:02+02:00

We can use fabric and the foam supplied by our clients. We can unfortunately not take responsibility for the quality of the fabric or the foam.

What other costs are incurred when upholstering a piece of furniture besides the fabric?2020-03-30T15:27:15+02:00

Some of the other costs include foam, dacron, thread, buttons, etc. Any work on the wooden parts of the piece, such as re-glueing, staining and cleaning the wood adds to the cost. Spring tying, double welt and skirts also are added onto the estimate. Finally, tax is required for all fabrics and materials purchased for the piece.

Why not buy new versus reupholstering?2020-03-30T15:26:38+02:00

If your current furniture has a good frame, is comfortable and you like the style, then reupholstering may be your best choice. The finished product may cost as much as a moderately priced piece of new furniture, but you’ll have a customized piece that is unique to you and your family.

Is upholstering guaranteed?2020-03-30T15:26:16+02:00

We give you a 2 year warrantee on all the fabric and foam, this is however subject to our inspection or the inspection of professional 3rd party. Your claim will then be submitted to our fabric houses.

What are the steps?2020-03-30T15:25:45+02:00

Contact us for a quote by sending measurements and pictures. Once you approve the estimate, you will provide a deposit and be added to the calendar. When your project is getting close in the queue, I will contact you to make delivery arrangements. After your project is finished, you will pay the balance and take your project home!

Can I store my furniture at your shop?2020-03-30T15:24:31+02:00

No. We only have space for a few projects at a time. Any finished project left at our shop more than 14 days will be considered abandoned, unless otherwise arranged.

Will you help me choose fabric?2020-03-30T15:23:59+02:00

We are happy to offer you our opinions and ideas, we have many years of experience in choosing fabrics to suite our clients needs and style. Choosing fabric is fun but often the most consuming part of upholstery.

Pickup and Delivery?2020-03-30T15:22:48+02:00

We do provide a pick-up and delivery service. For a fee of R499 within a 50km area. Beyond 50km process will differ.


Yes. If you would liketo place and order with us and added to our schedule you will have to pay a 30% deposit on the total amount of the order you would like to place.

What payments do you accept?2020-03-30T15:22:02+02:00

We accept cash, card and eft payments, although we prefer eft payments.

Do you have insurance?2020-03-30T15:21:38+02:00

We do have the necessary insurance on all the furniture in our workshop and the transport thereof.